the green bone is EaDo Houston's new dog lounge providing an exciting and relaxing environment for the modern dog and their owner.


Meet Quentin

Sir Quentin Frost circa 2012

Quentin is our lively and very active Boston terrier. He is full of personality and is the face of the green bone. After months of getting home from our long work days and noticing Quentin’s high energy level, we wanted a place where he could play, meet new friends, and get all that energy out of his system instead of being home bored and lonely during the day. We didn’t want just any place though; we wanted a friendly, personable environment where each dog is loved and cared for, as if they were in their own home with family. Quentin also experiences doggie allergies, which helped us decide our shop would focus on offering all natural food and products for not only dogs with similar allergies, but all health conscious canines.  All of this, along with our love for dogs and animals, helped establish the green bone.